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Special Offers. Pay It Forward

Special Offers. Pay It Forward

As a business owner you might want to offer special incentives or invitations to your regular customers that exclude the general public. This may be because you want your core clientele to know how much you appreciate them in an effort to building that relationship.  Since you have already earned some profit from these clients you may decide to extent to them a specific promotion, but you couldn’t afford to extend the same offer to everyone because of the reduced margins involved. But what if that person doesn’t take you up on the offer but knows of someone else who would be interested? Is it non transferable or do you allow that to happen and if so how does that work?

By allowing your VIP customers the privilege to forward your special promotion to someone else they chose, in a controlled manner, empowers them to recommend your business to others. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”, you may just gain a new customer with similar buying habits and grow your customer base,all while strengthening your existing relationships. Our pay if forward system allows your loyalty members to forward your offers to anyone they chose but is still restricted to only allowing the offer to be redeemed once. Pay it forward gives you complete control of inventory, margins and your value proposition while encouraging others to be ambassadors of your great brand.

Adrian Spitzer
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