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Which Service Would You Prefer?

Which Service Would You Prefer?

The human mind is a powerful thing, yet people make their purchasing decisions out of fear or greed, pain or pleasure.

Sales can be substantially increased by appealing to one of those, which is done by painting a strong mental picture of what will happen to them when buying our services. You need to sell the dream. Tell a short story. Give them something they can strive for.

Remember, people don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole. They’re buying the end result, the feeling of accomplishment or the solution. By showing them the end result, by putting placing them into the future and explaining how they’ll feel, you push those buttons.

As a consumer, let’s take look at two scenarios and can you decide which business you’d be more likely to go back to, and prefer.

Here’s a typical scenario : Mr and Miss Smith decide to go out for dinner in their neighborhood. They’ve been to this restaurant a few times over the past 6 months. They walk in and the host asks “ table for two?” and seats them in a nice booth. At the end of their meal the bill comes, they pay it, leave a regular tip and go home, satisfied with their experience. They’ll most likely return, but only when they “feel” like it, and assuming no other restaurant piques their interest in the meantime.

Now let’s take a look at a more enhanced version of this same scenario: Mr & Miss Smith receive an email invitation from this same restaurant to try out the new winter menu items with fabulous pastas and 3 new appetizers. Attached is a gift certificate for a free appetizer to share.

When they walk in the restaurant host says “Hello Mr Smith. It is nice to see you again. Table for two?” And seats them in a nice booth.

At the end of their meal the bill comes, they pay it, leave a regular tip and go home, satisfied with their experience.

Four weeks later the restaurant sends the Smiths a personal invite to come back with a gift certificate for a complimentary desert or latte. Up to 30% of the time, the Smiths take the owner up on his/her offer and come back.

Why? Because they feel appreciated above and beyond their expectations.

In the age of a million distractions, you shouldn’t take your regular customers for granted, despite it being incredibly easy to do so. If you don’t treat them ALL like more than a number, others will succeed in winning some of them over, or even a lot of them.

With our Free WiFi Center, we specialize in making you a hero and facilitate (and automate) the process of  appreciating every customer.

It’s easier than you might think to gain and maintain a loyal following – and they’ll reward you handsomely for it.

Your Spivis Team

Alain Blais

Alain (Al) Blais – Vice President of Marketing with Spivis – is an entrepreneur, published author, family man and competitive dirt bike racer. He’s deeply passionate about growing businesses and excels in marketing and promotion. Alain regularly consults for small to medium sized businesses, start ups and independent sales professionals. Al believes in constant and never ending improvement and is always seeking to optimize and improve his current skills, systems and businesses as well as seek out new opportunities and ventures. You can connect with Al by sending him an email at alain@freewificenter.com

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