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Case Study: How One Restaurant Had 564 People Join their Loyalty Program in 60 Days

Making The Complicated Awesomely Simple

Free WiFi Center is like comfort food for your mobile savvy clientele…

…they’ll feel better after consumption.


Free WiFi Center is a one-stop-shop for all your Custom WiFi needs. From installation, hardware, software and service, we keep you tuned up at all times. We’ve engineered everything in house which allows you to be operating efficiently and profitably.

Offer Free, Best in Class WiFi

WiFi starts a dialogue with your clients and builds a healthy relationship. This is the power of custom WiFi.

Your clients have the option to join your loyalty program which allows you to nurture that relationship and create a strong bond. After all, they are helping you live your dream.

All this is happening behind the scenes with little effort required on the part of you, the owner.


Give Rewards, Boost Engagement and Increase Loyalty

Clients have the option to opt-in and get rewards, special offers and VIP invitations. This is the power of Custom WiFi.

You receive key data allowing you to grow you business, understand your clients and reward them for being loyal.

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We Survey, Install and Support

We offer site survey’s to asses your needs, installation and full time service to keep all systems running smoothly. You have the option to take advantage of our easy to set up plug-and-play system as well.


You can be up and running faster than you might have thought!


Easy set up, easy to use and complete marketing automation, call today and get our technology working for you.


Boost Loyalty

Know who your clients are, and reward them for returning back often. This is the loyalty punch card of today.


Increase Security

Many WiFi hotspots can be hacked very easily. We prevent that from happening and significantly increase the security of your network.


Know Your Clients

Learn who your clients are and how they think of you with highly relevant and dynamic surveys.


Powerful Analytics

Gather vital metrics on all your patrons, even if they don’t use your WiFi. Learn their behavior, engage with them accordingly, and monetize your traffic.

Words from Happy Clients

Your Success is Our Business

We Create Industry Specific Applications

One size does NOT fit all. We create solutions customized for YOU.


From restaurants to bars, cafés, fast food outlets and patios – we’ve got you covered.


Independent shops, big box stores, specialty outlets, shopping centers, convenience stores and gas stations, we serve them all.


Resorts, Hotels and B&B’s – we make sure your clients are connected

Public Areas

Arenas, downtown strips, playgrounds and bowling alleys, Free WiFi Center lets you understand your traffic at a deeper level.

How Does It Work?

We install a piece of hardware to your existing WiFi service that allows you to capture all mobile addresses, and offers your clients a way to opt-in to receive your marketing messages (rewards) in exchange for access to the WiFi.

How do I prevent people from using my WiFi all day long?

Because we’re building an application specifically for you, we can put in parameters to boot them from your WiFi after a certain time limit. We also throttle the bandwidth to allow everyone access to an equal share.

How easy is it for me to reach to my clients?

It’s incredibly easy. Typically, by the time we leave your office we’ll have already established which campaigns you want to run automatically, such as rewards for signing up, loyalty rewards based on return visits, or coupons if someone hasn’t returned in X number of days.

What does Free WiFi Center offer?

Free WiFi Center is a full service boutique shop that works hard in the background to make you look like a superstar out front. From installation, software, hardware, automated marketing, service and easy to use plug-and-play solutions, we’re your one stop shop.

How is the security?

Security is more important than ever, and we take you and your clients security very seriously. We’ve engineered our software from the ground up meeting security standards.

In a nutshell…

We perform a full site survey and determine exactly what would benefit you best.

Our team can perform a full service installation and get you operational.

You receive hassle free, high performance Custom WiFi with a secure, user friendly and dynamic platform.

Monitor and understand new and returning traffic to your business.

We gather valuable data showing engagement and sales trends.

Gather priceless information when they opt-in.

Automate marketing campaigns based on loyalty, time away or special occasions.

Attract clients by offering best in class WiFi

We provide live, full service support to assist you at any time.

Yes! I’m ready to automate my marketing, enhance my WiFi, and step into 2017 with WiFi powered marketing.

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